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Monday, March 24, 2008

2007 Impact Stat by Team!

This posting will examine the IMPACT STAT by team during the 2007 MLB season.

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It has been suggested that the NL would have more Intentional Walks (IBB) and more Sacrifice Hits (SH) because of the pitcher being in the batting line-up. It has also been suggested that because of this the number of runs scored in the AL would be much higher. I've crunched some numbers and here's what I have found:

This suggests that the difference in the way the game is played over a 162 game schedule does not have a major difference in the total number of runs scored.

Examining the two teams that played in the 2007 World Series also shows that according to the Impact Stat and number of RBI, the 2 teams were quite evenly matched. (Note: BOS swept the Series in 4 games outscoring COL 29-10!)

The next table shows each team's IMPACT STAT for 2007. The data to the right of each team name shows the ranked position of each batting stat (ie Boston ranked 6th in Batting Average, 2nd in On Base Percentage, 6th in Slugging, 3rd in On Base+Slugging, 2nd in Impact)

Those extra National League IBB and Sac Hits seem to make quite an impact as, both the NL and AL batters had an overall IMPACT STAT of .356!

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