Aneez Kanji evalutates the IMPACT that a Major League Baseball batter has while at the plate.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Impact Stat 2008: Toronto Blue Jays

The 2008 Toronto Blue Jays listed below.

David 'Ecks-Factor' Eckstein lead the Jays in Impact in 2008, and also had a decent Batting Average to back that up. His CH5 was also an impressive .106, leading the team of active players!

Matt Stairs, the Jays player with the biggest 2008 CH5 was traded to the Phillies late in the season and was instrumental in helping the team win the World Series.

Other notes on this team:
-V Wells who was injured for 1/3 of the season was still in the Top 5 of overall Impact and most traditional batting stats.
- A Rios, who had a great BA of .291, only had a .056 CH5 which placed his total Impact for the team in the bottom half of all players.

Go Jays in 2009!

Impact Stat 2008: by Team

Below is the 2009 Impact Stat and CH5 (Net Impact) by team.

The strongest team at the plate in terms of traditional stats were the Texas Rangers leading the way in BA, SLG, and OPS.

I've highlighted the 2 teams who played in the World Series, both had below average batting stats, however with CH5 they had just about average batting stats, and almost identical Impact Stats! You'll notice that these teams did not have the highest Impact Stat, that honour went to the Boston Red Sox with .378 Impact.

You'll also notice that the 2008 World Series Champions had the highest Net Impact in the majors! The Clubhouse High 5's were certainly in season in 2008 for the Phillies!

Impact Stat 2008: by Player

Posted below are the top 40 players in MLB by Impact Stat. I've also included a new stat called 'Net Impact' which is the Impact minus Batting Average. This tells you the positive outcomes of a plate appearance aside from a hit. Some baseball fans I've spoken to refer to 'Net Impact' as the "Clubhouse High 5", so I'll refer to it as the 'CH5' from time to time as well.

The green highlights below show stats in the top 10 of the category, the gold highlights show the top stat in each. As you can clearly see Albert Pujols is head and shoulders above everyone else in both BA and Impact. What I found most interesting was his CH5 (Net Impact). Even though his BA is top of the league, his CH5 is also at the top of the table as well with a CH5 of .170, meaning when he didn't get a hit, he still contributed to the team in a positive way more so than everyone else in the Majors!

The only expection is Adam Dunn who had a CH5 of .177. His BA was a mere .236, if this could be bought up a few points, Adam Dunn would be a very valuable addition to any team!

(P/PA is pitches per plate appearance, I've included it for my own interest.)