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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Quick Blue Jays IMPACT Summary

This is in response to a few queries on what the Jays IMPACT was during 2007.

Since the original posting only examines batters with at least 502 at bats, the amount needed to qualify for the batting title (ie highest batting average), Matt Stairs did not qualify as he only had 357 at bats.

The Jays overall IMPACT for 2007 was .343, compared to the Yankees .383 and Boston .382.

The Jays ranked 26th in the MLB while NY and Boston were 1,2. I'll be posting more on each MLB team after Easter.

Here is the 'IMPACT' for some Blue Jays batters:

F Thomas .389
M Stairs .385
T Glaus .382
G Zuan .379
A Rios .368
A Hill .346
L Overbay .330
V Wells .319
R Johnson .316
J MacDonald .309
A Lind .289

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