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Monday, January 12, 2009

Impact Stat 2008: Toronto Blue Jays

The 2008 Toronto Blue Jays listed below.

David 'Ecks-Factor' Eckstein lead the Jays in Impact in 2008, and also had a decent Batting Average to back that up. His CH5 was also an impressive .106, leading the team of active players!

Matt Stairs, the Jays player with the biggest 2008 CH5 was traded to the Phillies late in the season and was instrumental in helping the team win the World Series.

Other notes on this team:
-V Wells who was injured for 1/3 of the season was still in the Top 5 of overall Impact and most traditional batting stats.
- A Rios, who had a great BA of .291, only had a .056 CH5 which placed his total Impact for the team in the bottom half of all players.

Go Jays in 2009!

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