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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Impact Stat at the All Star Break


You'll find a few summary tables below of the Impact Stat at the All Star break, here are a few notes to go along with them:

P Burrell - PHI - 125 out of 300 in BA, however in the top 10 in every other category, 21 doubles, 23 Homeruns, and league leading 69 walks, with 6 intentional. Number 9 in Impact!

D Young - WSH - 108th in BA, 183th in SLG, 108 in OPS, however 12 in Impact. Why? Only 50 games and 150 at bats, however in just 50 games he has 28 Walks, 4 intentional. Over a 95 game stretch those walk numbers would essentially double putting him near the MLB lead!

Toronto Notes:
L Overbay - Top in OBP and Impact, heavily due to incredible 51 walks!

V Wells and A Rios ahead of only injured A Hill, injured S Stewart and R Barajas who leads the team in SLG, and not far off the RBI lead with fewer games played.

All Stars v Top 300 Batters in At Bats:
OBP: .374 v .337
SLG: .512 v .423
BA: .297 v .267
OPS: .887 v .760
IMPACT: .396 v .355

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